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About Us

We founded Timber Valley Fresh Scent in 2005 to provide the very best deer hunting attractant to sportsman near Petersburg, Illinois, and across the nation. Our philosophy is the same as when we first started: to collect the freshest, highest quality deer urine possible. We go to great lengths to create superior products that exceed hunter's expectations, and we work tirelessly to deliver our proven items fast.

The Secret to Our Success

Our commitment to quality starts with our deer herd. Making certain that our animals are well cared for and relaxed ensures they produce balanced samples.

Keeping It Cool

Freezing and thawing urine products can upset the delicate organic compounds found in the liquid, whereas warmth can cause bacteria to grow. We cool our buck lure to 35-degrees Fahrenheit once it leaves the animal, through the bottling process, and during shipment to you.

Mission Statement

Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent is unlike any other hunting product available on the market. We have gone to great lengths to develop deer scent products that exceed even the highest expectations. This commitment to a quality deer attractant starts with our deer. We care for and maintain our herd on a daily basis. We feel it is essential that all animals used for collection be healthy and under very little stress. Timber Valley Fresh Scent 100% Doe Urine is simply the freshest deer urine available on the market today.

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