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Powerful Scent Products for Shotguns, Rifles & Bow Hunting

At Timber Valley Fresh Scent in Petersburg, Illinois, we believe our products are superior to other sellers' deer scent because no additives are added to items. We own and care for deer that we keep in top physical shape. Plus, we handle them in a calm manner when collecting samples twice daily in a state-of-the-art facility. We also make certain that cooled items are shipped within a few days of harvesting to guarantee the best results.

Doe Estrous

Our 100% Doe Urine is consistently one of our top selling items, and we collect it during their natural cycle during the fall and winter months. We don't give our does any hormones, and customers tell us it makes a noticeable difference for luring in a big buck. Our homemade deer attractant is perfect for making a mock scrape, putting on a drag, or putting on a scent pad. A large, four-ounce container of Doe Urine costs $15.00 per bottle.

Dominant Buck Urine

Known to our local customers as "Buck Come," this scent product has performed consistently well, since we collect from bucks in top breeding condition. This product is designed to enrage a dominant male in the area to think a newcomer is stealing local does, which means any big bucks will come looking for a fight. Please be aware this product can have varying results because it can cause non-receptive does and subordinate bucks to hide to avoid a buck in full rut. Use it to make mock scrapes or while rattling, but make certain to never get it on your clothes. A one-ounce bottle costs $10.00

Three Men With Deer

4-Play: The World's Freshest Doe Estrous Scent

Our estrous scent is collected from does in-heat, and we use a proven hormone therapy similar to processes used in artificial breeding. We can scientifically pinpoint the does' receptiveness to breeding, which allows us collect samples at the peak of their breeding readiness. One whiff will make a buck go wild, and a small amount can go a long way. Please note that we only accept pre-orders for this product, which is shipped immediately after collection. A one-ounce bottle is priced at $20.00.

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