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Enjoy Stunning Results With Our Homemade Deer Attractants

Timber Valley Fresh Scent in Petersburg, Illinois, offers a full range of homemade deer attractants using the highest standards. We also take the time to test and improve our methods to ensure that hunters receive the best deer urine products available.

Timber Valley Fresh Scent Volumizer

Introduced for rifle and bow hunting in 2010, it took us three years to develop this exclusive product. Made to increase surface area volume, it amplifies the amount of scent released into a given locale. Our proven gel crystal is pre-mixed with fresh scent at a ratio of one part Scent Volumizer to three parts fresh urine and seasonal estrous scent. This gel can easily be applied to scrapes, drag rags, and tree trunks. One package supplies two to three portions and costs $15.00. Please remember to keep it refrigerated.

The Trophy Sampler Pack

This is the deal that hunters appreciate because you can try all four products and more for one low price. Our sampler pack includes one one-ounce bottle of the following items, plus a free tribal t-shirt and a vinyl truck decal. It costs $50, but remember that this offer is limited based on 4-Play Estrous availability. Once we ship the pack directly to you, you'll receive:

• 100% Doe Urine
• Timber Valley Fresh Scent Volumizer
• Dominant Buck Urine
• 4-Play Estrous

Regular Tribal T-Shirt

Whether you've used our products in the past or you're new to our website, we think you'll enjoy one our Tribal t-shirts. They come in sizes small to 2XL and have a small logo on the front with a large logo on the back. Best of all, our shirts only cost $15.00 a piece.

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