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Satisfied hunters across the nation write to us here at Timber Valley Fresh Scent in Petersburg, Illinois, to let us know about the successful deer hunting trips. Read through these recent testimonials to understand what results you'll have when using our buck lure.

"Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the scent. The scent performed its job and allowed me close the deal on a three year pursuit of a buck I called Heat Attack. After watching him come nose to nose with the volumizer and 4-Play placed in his scrape he proceeded to the doe he was in pursuit of just as she placed it there herself. I have not been too happy with some of the scents I've used in the past but I now have found one that's field proven to outsmart a true 100% fair chase 6.5 year old muture buck scoring 160 3/8 net. Great product!"
- Dan

"Cavan, thank you again for such great customer service. I can tell you that the 4 play scent rocks. I received my order on Friday 11-4 and tried it Saturday am. Within 10 minutes the deer came and busted me as I was climbing into my stand after laying my scent trail. In the afternoon I took my son out on public land that I have never seen before, we went in on the edge of a draw dragging a sent pad. We set up and placed to sent wicks. By the time I got my son set on a log with our pack sat down. In runs a young 6-point. Never knew we were there just coming looking for love. My seven-year-old placed a great shot on him putting him down. He was shot at 13:15 -- attached is the picture. After the very short drag back to the parking lot, a father and his two sons came from their campsite snd admired my boy's first deer. They told me about not having luck on their hunt so far only seeing one deer. Seeing his boys so anxious I did the only thing I could do I gave them my bottle of 4 play and some sent wick towels and told how great the product worked. Thank you for first a great product and second the great customer service. I will be ordering again in the future. Again, thank you for giving my son and I a memory that will last a lifetime."
- Don

"When Trish Nichols had the idea to get a bottle of your scent I was ready to try anything. I wanted to come down to your place w ith Trish on Friday Dec 3 and meet you and see your place. but I didn't get out of the tree in time. Thankfully she picked up a bottle from you.

I shot this 13-pointer on Saturday Dec 4 just down the road from your place on Greg and Trisha's property. We had caught him on cam twice a month earlier and had not seen him since. During Second season I sat all day Thursday and Friday listening to shots being taken all around me. Just saw a couple does off in the distance."

Saturday morning about 6:00 am, I tried your Timber Valley fresh scent for the first time. At 8:30 this 13-point buck walked in about 10 yards from me and 4 feet from the scent. The picture tells the rest of the story. Thank you guys and Thanks to Greg and Trish, I got the buck of my life. I had used scent before, and have never seen results like this."
- Eric K.

"The buck urine worked! Thanks, great stuff. Indiana 12-point with split brow tines. Worlds freshest scent. Tried the 4Play out this morning and this stuff is awesome!!! Got this heavily hunted Nebraska public ground 5x5 buck to come in. Rut hunting rarely gets any better than this in this region of South Dakota. I owe it all to TVFS!"
- Will N.

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